ATEX system for 54 storagetanks: 4km heat detection cables

Tuesday 07 August 2018

InnoVfoam has acquired an order for protecting 54 storage tanks with a Protectowire fire detection system. A large tank terminal is to be equipped with an ATEX fire detection system designed and supplied by InnoVfoam, including 4 kilometre-long detection kable, 5 control panels and 78 junction boxes.

The system will consist of a Protectowire detection cable with incorporated ATEX control panels. Protectowire cables are coated with a special heat-sensitive thermoplastic polymer that enables them to detect heat produced by a fire anywhere along their length. A tracking cable system will be used to connect the Protectowire cable between each tank and floating roof. InnoVfoam will also supply the installation materials and accessories.

The Protectowire cable will be capable of detecting any heat generated in the RIM seal area (the area in a tank most at risk). If heat is detected, the cable will relay an alarm via the ATEX control panels connected to the control room signalling that the tank has to be filled with extinguishing foam.

InnoVfoam is an official distributor of Protectowire systems. Protectowire is renowned for its high quality and reliability. The cables are suitable for power stations, gas storage tanks, aircraft hangars, cable ducts, cold storage units, warehouses, tram and train tracks, dust extraction plants, tank protection systems and conveyor belts. Find more information about linear heat detection via this link