Change in delivery program linear heat detector (LHD)

Wednesday 09 May 2012

When the announcement was made about  the introduction of the XCR Series Detectors several years ago, our goal was to provide a detector with superior overall performance for the widest range of applications. Developed in cooperation with a leading testing and approval agency, the market acceptance and sales of the XCR product line has far exceeded our original forecast.

This success has had a significant impact on demand for the EPR product line as many customers have “traded up” to the superior performance of the XCR jacket. As a result, we are announcing that effective immediately, The factory will begin the phase-out and discontinuation of the following EPR models :

  • PHSC-280-EPR and PHSC-280-EPR-M
  • PHSC-356-EPR and PHSC-356-EPR-M

We will continue to accept orders and maintain production on these models through July 1, 2012. After that date, all manufacturing of these models will be stopped and availability will be limited to inventory on hand. The XCR Series Detectors are well suited to a wide range of applications and may be substituted with confidence for the equivalent EPR models being discontinued.

The XCR outer jacket provides outstanding all-around performance and features excellent chemical resistance, good electrical properties, board temperature range, low flame spread and smoke generation, excellent impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and good weathering properties.