Commissioning complete fire protection system, HGM Energy GmbH

Friday 15 March 2013

Recently InnoVfoam commissioned a complete foam fire fighting system at our client HGM Energy GmbH in Bremen, Germany. The supplied system protects the complete tank park. The fire fighting system is divided into three different foam fire fighting components and can be divided in the following parts:

  • Proportioning system
  • Fire monitors with towers
  • Mobile foam trailer

The proportioning system, which is assembled in a container in co-operation with Nijhuis Pompen, is connected to the tower and the three fire monitors (as shown on the picture on the right). They provide the protection of the adjacent park. By use of a remote control panel the monitors can be adjusted in each desired position from a safe distance.

By use of the mobile foam trailer, HGM is able to fight a fire in very flexible way. The trailer can be driven to the desired position at any time. On the picture below the mobile fire monitor is in use during test phase.

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