Commissioning helideck monitor system

Friday 11 March 2016

The official commissioing of the helideck fire extinguishing system supplied by InnoVfoam for the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht took place on Thursday, 3 March. In the presence of dignitaries from Utrecht City Council, and representatives from consultancy firms and the UMC, the H1 Helideck was successfully tested and put into operation.

Besides the two electrically controlled extinguishing monitors, InnoVfoam BV also supplied the fire pump and the foam proportioning system (as a pre-assembled unit), and the extinguishing water tank.

During the project, InnoVfoam was responsible for the complete design, construction and installation of the firefighting system. During the initial operational test, a flow of 250 litres per minute with a 3% proportioning rate was achieved. The foam concentrate used by the system is fluorine-free re-healing foam with ICAO approval produced by Solberg Scandinavian.

The test also convincingly demonstrated that the system can extinguish fires on the helideck under all weather conditions (in which a helicopter can still fly) and cover its entire surface with foam.

The electric remote control via the monitors means that the complete helideck can be operated from a safe location by only one trained person!

A few photos and video footage of the transfer procedure are attached.