Commissioning in Romania

Thursday 12 November 2015

In early November 2015, two InnoVfoam engineers travelled to Romania for the commissioning of the foam extinguishing system at a tank depot in Jilava, near Bucharest in Romania.

The plug & play foam extinguishing system is protecting a tank depot.  26 medium-expansion foam generators have been installed and are ready to be deployed to extinguish the entire bund area in case of an emergency. The medium-expansion foam generators are fed from the central mixing system. This consists of a complete skid-mounted unit with 2 electronically-controlled foam pumps, a MBP-80 foam mixer and various valves and pipes. The advantage of using 2 foam pumps is that the second pump can be automatically activated if the first pump fails, keeping the system operational.

The system was successfully commissioned in the presence of the client, the end user and the local fire service. InnoVfoam technicians also gave instruction to the users of the system, and checked that everything was installed correctly.

A number of photos of the delivery are attached.