Development of CTI Advanced Heat Detector

Monday 07 December 2015

As official distributors of Protectowire Firesystems we are pleased to inform you about the latest developments at Protectowire in the area of linear heat detectors.

CTI stands for Confirmed Temperature Initiation. In the event of an alarm the CTI Digital Linear Heat Detector will indicate on the control panel whether this is a genuine fire alarm, a false alarm or an alarm caused by a short circuit in the system, caused for example by physical or mechanical damage to the detector cable. The precise location of the alarm and the temperature will also appear on the control panel.

With its ability to distinguish between different types of alarm (fire/short circuit), this development represents a significant improvement compared to the traditional heat detector. This will steeply reduce the number of false alarms caused by physical damage to the cable. The CTI Advanced Heat Detector is already FM approved, and the process of obtaining UL approval is already underway.