Expansion of tank farm with 3 monitor towers and 6 extinguishing monitors

Friday 01 February 2019

In 2010, InnoVfoam supplied the fire protection system for the quay walls and finger piers of a newly built tank farm. In connection with the wish to expand capacity, an additional quay wall was put into operation this year, which has created two additional loading berths. The pre-existing finger pier was also extended by 300 metres.

InnoVfoam supplied three monitor towers and six extinguishing monitors to protect the new loading berths and the extended pier. An 11-metre-high (fixed) monitor tower with an extinguishing monitor on top and a separate monitor next to the loading arm has been constructed on each of the berths. The extinguishing monitors have a capacity of 3,000 litres per minute. The same type of monitor tower was constructed on the pier, but its extinguishing monitors have a capacity of 4,000 litres per minute.

The installation of the monitor towers and extinguishing monitors was carried out in collaboration with SPIE. Acting on the orders of Verwater, InnoVfoam's E-team upgraded the control panels already in use so that installing additional panels was not necessary. The project is now completely finished and the years of cooperation with the customer can continue to the full satisfaction of both parties.