Factory Acceptance Test for superyacht

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Commissioned by a Dutch shipyard for superyachts, InnoVfoam supplied the foam suppression system for the helideck of a superyacht.

The yacht, with a length of over 100 meters, has on the forward deck a helicopter landing area, which was protected by use of a DIFFS (Deck Integrated Foam Firefighting System). Eight polished pop-up nozzles were installed in the teak wooden deck and will make an effective fire suppression of the helideck and the helicopter sure.

The system, designed in accordance to CAP 437, was by execution of a FAT test at the InnoVfoam testcentre transferred to the shipyard, whereby LRS (Lloyd's Register of Shipping) accompanied the commissioning. The photo's below show the skid mounted foam proportioning system and the performance of one of the pop-up nozzles.