FAT container system for Hi-Ex

Friday 18 March 2016

InnoVfoam BV has been commissioned by Cofely-Zuid to deliver an "outside air" high expansion foam system for Sita's waste materials depot in Maastricht. A delegation from Cofely and Sita came to InnoVfoam's headquarters in Oudkarspel for the system's FAT on 7 March 2016.

The HiEx-600 high expansion foam generators that InnoVfoam BV has been developing in recent years will also be used for protecting three of Sita's depositories for chemical waste. 

InnoVfoam has designed a special, insulated extinguishing container with heating and lighting for proportioning the foam concentrate to the water flow, channelling and pumping the extinguishing agent to the depositories and operating the air valves of the high expansion foam system.

During the FAT, the high expansion foam generator and the foam proportioning system were successfully demonstrated and worked completely to the visiting delegation's satisfaction.

The extinguishing container is now on its way to Maastricht and the high expansion foam generators have already been installed in Sita's depositories. The system will be put into operation and the final live testing will take place in the near future. 

A special feature of the HiEx-600 is that the apparatus can be fitted as a complete unit in the roof and directly connected to the water mains, which reduces costs and saves time compared to using conventional high expansion foam generators.