FAT Statoil

Friday 25 September 2015

On Wednesday 16 September 2015 a Danish delegation visited InnoVfoam B.V. to attend the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the firefighting system that InnoVfoam developed for Statoil refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The FAT included visual inspection of all products, including three control cabinets, radiographic remote control, six electric fire monitors and one self oscillating fire monitor. During the FAT the control cabinets, the radiographic remote control and electric fire monitors were tested (3.500 l/min at 7 bar). By executing a flow test the flowrate and throw length of the FWM-4-EL-Ex monitor were examined. Even with the strong headwind during this live-test the throw length was impressive.

All tests were executed to full satisfaction of both InnoVfoam and Statoil. Because the complete system is already tested at InnoVfoam, eventuel problems can be resolved before installation on site.