InnovDos for reliable foam proportioning

Wednesday 14 March 2012

In order to guarantee safe fire protection it is essential that the foam concentrate proportioning in the extinguishing system is continuous.

Foam concentrate is mainly used for extinguishing fires of liquids. Should the foam proportioning fail and thus lead to extinguishing by water only the fire scenario will only worsen as a recent fire has proven. The choice of the foam proportioning system determines the difference between extinguishing and failing. Some proportioning systems appear not to be fail proof and can even block the water supply completely. A water turbine that is being blocked is a problem that occurs more and more in systems in which the water turbine is built in the main sprinkler piping. Many sprinkler companies and users have experienced this. In the InnovDos system, however, the water turbine is installed in a bypass which makes the system very reliable. Due to this bypass water supply can never be blocked.

VdS has approved and certified all InnovDos components. The InnovDos system can also be equipped with a compact foam concentrate pump with diesel motor. InnoVfoam BV also offers this reliable option for electro independent proportioning when a water turbine is not desired.

Advantages InnovDos system:

  • Reliable
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Low pressure loss
  • Large working range
  • VdS approved components
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Easy to test with water
  • turbine is activated only when foam is required
  • insensitive for water hammer
  • no danger of blocking of the system