InnoVfoam delivers total concept for helideck protection

Friday 29 June 2018

InnoVfoam has delivered a complete foam extinguishing system for the helicopter deck at the KMG Kinikum Kyritz hospital. The system was delivered by InnoVfoam, whose responsibility the installation also fell under.

All other work related to the installation, such as installing the pipework, was carried out by the InnoVfoam team. The system consists of a water tank, fire water pump, water/foam proportioning unit, the hydrant foam and two remotely operable extinguishing monitors. In addition, fluorine-free foam concentrate was selected, in keeping with a preference for environmentally friendly products.

Prior to delivery, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was performed at the InnoVfoam head office, which tested the system on functionality. The system was successfully commissioned this month, when it passed the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Following delivery, the foam extinguishing system received the approval of an expert (a so-called Sächverständiger) in accordance with ICAO/AVV requirements.

Given how crucial it is for hospital staff to be up-to-date on how the helideck system operates, Simon Lakeman delivered a mini course on-site over two sessions. During the sessions, Simon explained what protecting the helideck involved, and how the extinguishing monitor system works. The monitors were also tested at the same time, offering participants a live demonstration of the system in operation.

Curious about the possibilities for helideck protection? Attend one of our seminars, where you can take part in a helicopter demonstration showing all systems live in action. We are also available for demonstrations on-site upon request. To obtain more information about helideck protection, follow this link.