InnoVfoam develops super foam generator!

Monday 01 September 2014

The R&D department led by Randy Mantoua has developed a complete new high expansion foam generator. Requests from the market for a generator with a better performance and a more favorable pricing in comparison to the current on the market available units made InnoVfoam decide to develop this generator. The unit is a "plug and play" unit with integrated, pneumatic operated, air inlet covers, ready to install in dedicated openings in the building's roof. Simultaneously, InnoVfoam BV developed an air relief device, as well including pneumatic operated covers and as well ready to install. Both pneumatic operated devices are developed as fail safe operating. The InnoVfoam BV generator was developed to meet the EN 13565 standard and is by means of large scale tests by Efectis approved as such.

The HiEx-600 provides a High Expansion Foam with 800 expansion, using HiEx foam concetrate from supplier Solberg.

The high expansion foam generator is designed in such a way that an extremely simple installation in square roof openings is possible. A huge advantage is achieved in comparison to the conventional type of generators. Moreover, the integrated covers make extra investment in this feature redundant.

InnoVfoam has already received the first order for a series of generators and expects that many more will follow.