InnoVfoam issues first maintenance certificate!

Friday 01 March 2019

After the annual service of our client REC Harlingen’s foam extinguishing system, InnoVfoam issued its first certificate for the maintenance that had been carried out. InnoVfoam is independently authorised to issue product certificates for maintenance work.

CIBV approved maintenance company

InnoVfoam is the only CIBV approved maintenance company for permanently installed foam extinguishing systems in the Netherlands. This means that InnoVfoam’s maintenance certificates may be added to the total package of system certificates. In this way, end clients and installers do not have to double-check and guarantee the quality of subcontracted work.

All the maintenance work carried out by our trained service technicians is in accordance with the applicable standards. InnoVfoam’s laboratory’s quality analyses, the service technicians’ knowledge level, the reporting system and the way in which maintenance work is executed all meet the requirements of the CIBV certification scheme for stationary foam-based fire extinguishing systems (SFES).

InnoVfoam service technicians are trained to be able to work with all types of foam extinguishing systems, including ones that incorporate the latest advanced technology. InnoVfoam has developed its own maintenance software, which is used to archive all the system information and test results, and meticulously record historical data. Optimal and personal safety, and efficient follow-up and disaster response are fundamentally important to InnoVfoam.

InnoVfoam’s maintenance certificates guarantee that maintenance is correctly carried out. When issuing certificates, carrying out maintenance and testing systems, InnoVfoam works in accordance with all the important guidelines and standards (including the CCV scheme, NFPA 25 and TB 64B). In addition, InnoVfoam has SCC certification and our ISO quality management system is TüV certified.

More information

Working safely and delivering high quality have our highest priority. Would you like more information about inspections, testing and maintenance performed by InnoVfoam? Please contact our service department by calling +31 88 9112 112.