InnoVfoam supplied extinguishing system for helideck on hospital

Friday 08 February 2013

Recently InnoVfoam commissioned a foam extinguishing system for the new helideck platform of the Isala hospital in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

InnoVfoam received the assignment from Bayards, manufacturer of aluminum helidecks. The commissioning took place on 28 January 2013 and the complete foam system was tested and handed over to Bayards. The system consists of the following components: own water supply tank, an electrical pump, a control system. With the use of two venturi proportioners foam concentrate is proportioned to the water stream and transported to two remotely controlled fire monitors.  To demonstrate the effectivity of the system, a layer of Arctic RF foam (fluor free) was applied by the two monitors.

All possible test facilities are integrated in the system that can demonstrate reliable function of the system every year. The whole system can be activated with two activation units that are situated near the entrances of the helideck. It is also possible to extinguish a fire with two manually operated foam branch pipes with fire hoses.

The applied foam concentrate for helicopterplatforms is “Rehealing Foam 3%” from Solberg, a fluor free foam concentrate with ICAO approval. Due to the absence of fluorine chemicals, this foam concentrate is completely harmless to the environment.