InnoVfoam system also in Switzerland!

Tuesday 29 January 2013

After having commissioned many foam proportioning systems in Holland and Germany, InnoVfoam recently delivered and commissioned a foam proportioning system  in Switzerland! InnoVfoam received the assignment from Contrafeu AG and supplied a bladder tank system for the sprinkler installation of the company CSL Behring AG in Bern. 

The installation has been installed in an underground parking garage and is for extinguishing fire both in the garage as in the storage room with flammable liquids. The drinking water net of the municipality Bern provides a steady water supply at a pressure of 6 bar. 

On the picture on the right a horizontal bladder tank is shown. The tank is filled with Solberg Arctic Foam ATC 603 EF 3x3%.  By using a MBP-6 Matre proportioner with VdS approval, the foam concentrate is always supplied at the correct proportioning rate. 

In January 2013 the InnoVfoam technicians successfully tested and commissioned the system. Please find more information about bladder tank systems on the following pages: