InnoVfoam tested innovative mobile monitor trailer

Monday 23 July 2012

InnoVfoam has developed a new type of monitor trailer which will be used in the German petrochemical industry. Special about this trailer is the integrated water driven foam pump that provides an accurate foam proportioning at changing flows. This turbine inline unit is installed beneath the trailer and leads the fire water/foam through a axial propeller to the inlet of the fire monitor.

By using the axial propeller that drives the foam pump, this turbine is insensitive for pollution and pressure surges, as is the case with other water driven foam proportioning systems. When used on tank terminals the foam storage can be placed at a distance from the trailer. The foam concentrate can flow to the trailer through a round hose, after which the foam proportioning takes place through the foam concentrate pump.

The compact trailer, with a monitor capacity of 6.000 LPM, has been tested at InnoVfoam. Besides you can find some photos of the test.