Knowing what type of foam concentrate is in your system!

Friday 02 November 2012

Often we receive foam concentrate samples for a quality analysis in our laboratory according to the NEN-EN 1568 standard.

We conclude that many foam samples we receive are a mixture of several different foam concentrate types. Clients do not always register the various types of foam concentrate which are used to fill a tank resulting into a mixture that can possibly lead to deterioration or even derogation of the foam concentrate.

To show you the difference between two foam concentrate types the photo shows an AR/ATC foam concentrate (alcohol resistant) on the left and AFFF foam concentrate (non-alcohol resistant) on the right. In case of mixture of both types a reaction can take place and lead to inadequate extinguishment or possible blockage of the proportioning system. This is the case when a foam tank containing AFFF foam concentrate is refilled with an alcohol resistant foam concentrate (AFFF-AR, AFFF-ATC). The result of the reaction of the mixture is shown in the pictures below.

We strongly recommend to keep exact track of the foam concentrate types that are being filled into the tank in order to prevent such problems! Especially since more and more fluor free concentrates are available it is very important that these concentrates are not mixed with fluor containing concentrates. This also applies to low viscosity concentrates which are very similar to AFFF concentrates regarding viscosity but are in fact alcohol resistant concentrate.

In case you would like us to test your foam concentrate according to NEN-EN 1568 it is essential that we are informed correctly about the foam concentrate types and their proportioning percentage. Preferably we receive the product datasheet of the concentrate.

Our lab data is extensive and in case of uncertainty about a foam concentrate type in your system we are often capable to provide clarity on the matter.

If you would like the InnoVfoam service department to perform maintenance on your proportioning system you will receive a report after every refilling of the foam tank with the following information: date of refill, type of tank, type of refilled foam concentrate, supplier of foam concentrate, production number and production date. This data is filed in our system so that we can provide the correct foam concentrate type when necessary.

For more questions about foam concentrate analysis please contact our service department under+31 88 9112 112.