New test method for Hi-Ex foam in InnoVfoam's laboratory

Friday 11 November 2016

InnoVfoam's laboratory is equipped for testing the quality of all types of foam concentrate made by every manufacturer. The laboratory recently started using a new method for testing Hi-Ex foam. The new method supplements and overcomes the impracticalities of the existing 1568-2 test.

The test rig consists of a miniature Hi-Ex foam generator that produces Hi-Ex foam at a constant flow/pressure rate and fills a calibrated glass container.

Various foam parameters

With this method, various, reproducible foam parameters can be tested. For example, the foam expansion ratio can be analysed, the stabiliser examined and the drainage time calculated. These parameters are used as a basis for determining whether the foam will still work properly or fail the test due to changes in its composition that occur over the course of years.

Extinguishing effectiveness

Because the parameters referred to above are vitally important for ensuring the extinguishing effectiveness of Hi-Ex foam systems, InnoVfoam has made the new method a standard component of its test procedure for Hi-Ex foam concentrates.

Foam concentrate analyses

Did you know that having InnoVfoam service your foam extinguishing system includes a free foam concentrate analysis and that we offer highly competitive prices in this respect? Most test results are available within a week.

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