Plug and play fire suppression system for St. George's Hospital

Monday 16 September 2013

On Tuesday 12 September an English delegation visited InnoVfoam BV for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the foam fire suppression system for the helideck of the St. George's Hospital in London. InnoVfoam received the assignment from NCMP, an English helideck manufacturer.

The central foam station consists of a complete skid mounted system with a fire water tank, two fire water pumps, a foam proportioning system with bladdertank, a test system, piping with fittings and an electric control cabinet with activation units. The prefabricated skid serves to supply the fire monitors on the helideck with firefighting foam. The system will be supplied with the fluorine free Re-Healing foam with ICAO-B approval. 

The FAT test included testing a double pump set, including the automatic switch-over between the two pumps in case of failure of one pump, the foam proportioning percentage of the foam proportioner and the performance of the two self-oscillating fire monitors. Besides, InnoVfoam supplies two hydrant cabinets with hose connections and a foam branch pipe that is placed near by the fire monitors. 

Because the whole system already is assembled at InnoVfoam, the client saves money for assembly in the pump chamber. In this way it is also possible to deliver a fully working system at the St. George's Hospital: Plug and Play!