Succesfull commissioing at Belgian tank storage

Wednesday 28 August 2013

In August 2013 the InnoVfoam technicians have commissioned a fire extinguishing system at a Belgian establishment of a German tank storage company. For this project InnoVfoam supplied:

  • 2 remotely operated FWM-3-EX (flow 3.000 l/min) placed on a tower 3,5 meters high
  • 1 remotely operated FWM-6-EX (flow 6.000 l/min) placed on a tower 20 meters high
  • 9 Inbal valves for the purpose of activating the water and/or foam to the fire monitors and other foam makers 

The systems serve for extinguishing the unloading jetty. During the commissioning the InnoVfoam technicians also set the movement limitation of the fire monitors in horizontal and vertical direction and checking the general functions of the fire monitors.

We are happy to again have finished a project successfully.