Successful test performed in presence of fire brigade

Friday 26 April 2013

Recently InnoVfoam commissioned a complete foam fire fighting system at our client HGM Energy GmbH in Bremen, Germany. The supplied system protects the complete tank park.

The fire fighting system is divided into three different foam fire fighting components and can be divided into the following parts:

  • Foam proportioning system with VdS approved components such as an Albany foam concentrate pump with electronic motor, Matre Maskin foam proportioners and a foam concentrate storage tank. This system provides the foam supply for the tank storage and transportsystems of petroleum.
  • 3 electrically operated fire monitors with remote control, placed on 10 meter high towers. Each monitor is supplied with a foam proportioning system and a Inbal valve with pressure control. The monitors serve to protect two ship piers and the tank storage.
  • 1 mobile fire trailer with a manually operated fire monitor with a capacity of 6.000 dm3/min. In the trailer a foam proportioning system with a turbine driven foam foam (Matre TU-4) is integrated. By use of this proportioner, foam concentrate can be added to the monitor without problems like pressure surges or pollution. The mobile unit can be used to fight a tank fire.

In week 16, 2013 the commissioning took place. Several extensive tests were performed in the presence of the local fire brigade and authorities. Below a few photo’s and videos of the acceptance tests!