The next level in Helideck security!

Tuesday 02 October 2018

In recent years, InnoVfoam has been focusing on delivering and commissioning foam extinguishing systems for helidecks. Since this year, it has expanded its services by providing total concepts. The engineering, on-site project management and collaboration with various subcontractors are important aspects of this expanded service for the customer.

For the very first time, InnoVfoam has delivered a complete fire protection package, offering total support to the main contractor. For the helideck on the roof of the Darmstadt clinic, InnoVfoam not only took on the responsibility for delivery and commissioning, but also the total project management from A to Z. Once again, InnoVfoam is proving the unique benefits of its fire protection solutions.

InnoVfoam technicians have now installed the complete system on site. Pre-assembling the system on frames in different sections made it possible to install the entire proportioning system on site.

The pipework needed to feed two extinguishing monitors and two hydrant cabinets is currently under construction. Under the watchful eye of TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH, the system will undergo further testing as part of the approval process. It is anticipated that InnoVfoam will be able to conduct a full test on the system by the end of this year, after which the helideck will be put into use.

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