Very compact InnovDos System

Thursday 06 December 2012

On Thursday 29th of November InnoVfoam held a succesful FAT (Factory Accpetance Test) Test in the company Building in Oudkarspel.

On the picture below you can see the compact assembly of the InnovDos System. Due to its compactness the InnovDos System requires very little space. The proportioning system, executed in assignment of Aqua+, will be commissioned in the sprinkelr network von MSD Oss, building SA in Oss, the Netherlands.

MSD Oss will experience a reliable system with a large operating range. By not installing the driving pump into the main pipeline there is no danger of blockage and that explains the earlier mentioned reliability.  The system requires very little maintenance and can simply be tested with water.

If you require more information about the InnovDos System we refer to the chapter products on our site. Of course you can always contact us directly, see contact data below.