Fire Monitor Trailers

The InnoVfoam trailer mounted fire monitors are available in various executions in order to serve a wide range of mobile firefighting applications.

The InnoVfoam monitor trailers show a solid construction which is stable in all circumstances. Due to integrated foam proportioning devices, the Innovfoam monitor trailers can do their job both with water and the admixture of any foam concentrate.

Depending on the monitor capacity, an InnoVfoam monitor trailer can be provided with an integrated foam concentrate tank. For higher flows, concentrate can by taken from an external source like an IBC. Larger size monitor trailers are provided with a turbine inline proportioner, consisting out of a Linear Waterturbine which drives a integrated foam concentrate pump. Irrespective of flow/pressure changes this device shows a constant proportioning ratio (1% or 3%) within the flow range.

Each type of monitor trailer is provided with sufficient hose connections for firewater supply from a fire hydrant system.