Warehouse storage

Fast, effective fire extinguishing with low water use is essential for storage areas for hazardous substances. For this reason a high expansion foam system is the preferred choice for protecting warehouses. InnoVfoam supplies the components and technology needed for these systems.

Filling a space with extinguishing foam with an expansion ratio of approximately 750 to 1 encapsulates the free air needed to sustain a fire in a huge multitude of bubbles. As a result, the fire is effectively suffocated. An insulating mass of foam also reduces heat radiation, prevents the formation of a combustible mixture of flammable vapours and disrupts air circulation.

Areas of application for high expansion foam
A high expansion foam system is suitable for warehouses, recycling plants and aircrafthangars. With an outside air high expansion foam system, clean air from outside the area under protection is used to produce the foam. Because of this, the system can be used without restriction virtually anywhere. The outside air is blown forcefully into the area in which the system is installed. This is done to counter thermals rising from a fire inside the building and strong winds blowing over the roof. The outside air is mixed with water/foam concentrate to form the space-filling, high-expansion-foam fire suppressant.

The advantages of a high expansion foam system
Using an outside air high expansion foam system has a number of important advantages.

  • Cold outside air suppresses the evaporation of fumes from leaking flammable liquids.
  • Reduced risk of collateral damage because combustible gases are not encapsulated in the foam.
  • Forming the foam with fresh outdoor air ensures that it is built up efficiently and not susceptible to unpredictable degrading.
  • Hot combustible gases are driven out of a building completely to counter the risk of a fire spreading.
  • Using an outside air high expansion foam generator with a ventilator fan guarantees sufficient air circulation to form effective high expansion foam even if there are strong thermals in the space or powerful winds outside the building.
  • High expansion foam with outside air is suitable reversing the polarity of polar (water-mixable) flammable liquids.

InnoVfoam's outside air high expansion foam system has been developed, tested and approved by/in accordance with EN-13565, EN-1568-2, CE and NFPA. In addition, it is the only high expansion foam system with VdS certification.

Download more information about the technical specifications and approvals below.