Demo facilities

In 2010 InnoVfoam opened its doors to the new office in Oudkarspel. During design of the building it was taken into account that InnoVfoam would be holding presentations and demonstrations of many products and systems. We herewith have various possibilities to show practical and theoretical sides of foam extinguishing techniques. A water cellar with eighty cubis meter storage supply water from the diesel pump to the various systems.

  • Monitors - A manually controlled FWM-6 fire monitor and an electrically controlled FWM-3 fire monitor are installed on the roof of the InnoVfoam building.
  • Helideck protection – Furthermore various forms of helideck protection are installed. Rotating nozzles, flexi nozzles and pop up nozzles can be demonstrated.
  • Tank foam system – The Tank Foam Generator is installed on the outside of the building and this way foam can stream down the building like it would in a storage tank.
  • Medium expansion foam  system – In order to demonstrate an extinguishing systems for a reception bassin of a tank or installation a medium expansion foam systems is installed.  
  • High expansion foam system – The high expansion foam system is integrated in the storage house.  A part of the storage house, especially designed for this purpose,  can be filled with foam within a few minutes through a foam generator in the ceiling.
  • FAT tests - InnoVfoam has extensive test facilities for holding so called FAT tests. Customers can witness these tests that can also be held at higher flows.  Herewith InnoVfoam offers the guarantee of correct functioning of the ordered system components. In the E-workshop all functions of the control system are tested during a FAT test. InnoVfoam has a mobile test unit for testing on site. You can find more information under the maintenance chapter.

All demonstrations that have been held for many (international) groups have proven their value.

We would like to show our demo systems to you. For more information please contact +31 88 9112 112 or send an email to